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I've only really heard him with WR and on the tunes Polly mentioned.
Since WR is a major influence and Alex is a part & parcle of that vibe, so I'd like to believe that there a little Alex in my playing.

Btw, Alex tells a great story of how he got hired for the WR drum chair.
He gets a surprise call from Zawinul on the recommendation of a few guys and Zawinul tells him he's coming out to Vegas to check him out. Zawinul arrives & checks into Ceasar's.

Alex comes by to the hotel room later that evening to pick him up to take him to his gig, and Zawinul says " Hey, walk for me". "I wanna see how you walk"!

" Walk"?? Feeling rather awkward and s tunned, Alex walks gingerly across the room.

Zawinul says, " Yeaaa! I like how you walk". " You're hired"

Alex goes " Wtf".

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