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Default Re: Dream Theater's new drummer

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Yep it's definitely Mangini. Even Mike's usual press release /including all the speed drumming records that great pros supposedly don't care about/ has been part of the Trunk bean spill package.

Still Mike, it's time to stop claiming records you still don't hold like the traditional gri...

Oh nevermind.

Again...that doesn't matter...although it was the first thing mentioned in your press release about being the new DT drummer. You know what I'm talking about...the outrageously nonmusical speed drumming reco..........?????!!!!!!

Oh don't mind me. What do I know? :D
Good stuff, Matt. I had an inkling all along Mangini would take the gig. I felt it was his to take. He's a great match for the gig. Just curious if you were ever a big DT fan? When I was in middle school I use to love them and even saw them in St. Louis with Jordan Rudess on SFAM tour valentines day 2000. It was great but I moved on to music where I enjoyed the other aspects of the work instead of primarily the drummer shortly after (Folk, Jazz, Blues, etc.).
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