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Default Alex Acuna

Any Alex Acuna fans here?

I discovered him a week or so ago, and I love his drumming and style! He is an afro cuban and jazz drummer and percussionist, and has performed with countless musicians including weather report on their hit album heavy weather (and percussion on black market). After he left them he became a session drummer and has performed with tons of big names like Elvis, Diana Ross, Paul McCarthy, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Santana, U2: The list goes on and on. He also does a lot of independent work, both on drumset and percussion.

Here's his drummerworld page

And some of my favorite vids.

Classic song birdland from heavy weather

Rumba Mama from weather report. Got to give some props to manolo badrena on this one, he did some of the percussive work too. Here's the live version, it's really fun to watch!

Palladium by weather report. Great drum set and percussion, and my favorite WR song.

Havona by Weather Report. Another great song, also one of my favs.

Awesome conga/timbale solo, freakin incredible

Sweet afro cuban groove

Some amazing percussion and awesome fusion on the set.

Haha I know it's a lot of videos, but I just can't get enough of him!

If you haven't heard of him, watch some vids, and check him out!
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