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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

First off, I'm glad there are young folks still willing to do yard work. The last question you asked was whether to save or spend, so that's what I'll address. I would recommend saving. Its a skill that will benefit you the rest of your life. You will need to learn to save and budget for buying houses, cars, and other necessities. Anyone can spend, many don't learn to save. The current economy here in the States attests to that.

That said, you didn't mention if you currently are taking pictures as a hobby. If you go the spend route and get a camera, consider a cheap used camera, or ask someone who trust you to lend you a camera for a spell. Specialty items (cameras, bikes, golf clubs, telescopes, pool tables, etc) have a way being purchased, used for a short spell, and then sitting unused. I'd be hesitant to spend a lot on my first camera.

I'd talk to my parents about what their expectations are about you driving, and then buying a car. That's not something my parents allowed me when I was 16 :-(. And dont' forget, driving is the act that keeps on giving/taking: Insurance every month, gas every week, planned and unplanned maintenance and so on.
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