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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
But what galled me was that Esperanza Spalding is a real musician who has gone through the training and rigor of mastering her instrument, and this guy is of course complaining. From a monetary standpoint, I can't imagine there should be any reason why she won over Justin.
The Grammies, like the Oscars, are nominated and voted on by members of those respective organizations. Both can be a very incestuous process with curious outcomes, but the decisions are made by industry members, not the public and not based on sales.

In the case of Esperanza winning, she either has a lot of friends who are voting members of NARAS, or she's really that amazing among the other nominees, or there was as collective mindset to not give it to Justin.

I'm a voting member, but didn't vote this year, so I can't tell you what the exact thought process might have been. It wouldn't have been fair for me to vote for anything I wasn't familiar with, or to deliberately vote against Justin. But I believe that he is not eligble for best new artist again, so he'll have to compete on a level-playing now that he's just another artist, if he expects to win a Grammy for his work.

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