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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
What I've wondered about is how there can be passion for music so lacking in depth.
Plenty of music lacks depth, the problem didn't start with sequenced dance tracks or other modern pop production & marketing. But maybe there isn't the same passion for songs and music in the way we had passion and a lot of cultural intertwining with music of the '60s through '80s in particular. I suppose music is viewed differently by today's youth (a/k/a the record-buying public) where songs are virtual and somewhat ephemeral, not something to keep on the shelf in a collection. It's this perspective that may allow a lot of what we might consider vapid and robot music, to just go by innocently with only a face-value quality. They're not looking for depth... that's not what music is about for them. It's still about that for a lot of us, and of course that's where the emotional and sometimes professional conflicts arise.

I guess what needs to happen is, the people who this music is aimed at need to say "enough" and stop buying it. Things will change after that. That's how bands know their time is up - the public tells them. The band either has to change, or it disappears.

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