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Default Re: share your drumming hard times

Life in general can be very challenging on a daily basis. Adding the complex and sometimes difficult world of musicianship can just add to that overwhelming feeling. On the other hand, the music is an "out" for the daily tedium. You are just starting out and haven't had enough life experiences yet to understand the simple fact that if you love music and drumming, you will carry this with you always. Even when you aren't able to play for a period of time, you will still have that that flame burning inside you if it's truly there.

Give it time. Days are dispensed one at a time for each of us. Keep at it, keep learning as much as possible, set goals and reflect on the progress and accomplishments you've made over a course of time.
As Alan White once said "You must never, ever give up. Because once you do then you've made sure you won't make it."

Now go practice.
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