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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

Originally Posted by Dannar
Recording with only two mics will really make it tough to get a good sound. Especially two different type of mics.
I'll have to politely disagree strongly with this! The most important factors in the capture of a decent drum recording are the player, the room, and the kit...

The mics that the original poster has to play with are really not that inspiring, but with decent front end you could achieve excellent results!

re: techniques, a simple mono overhead and kick mic can result in a surprisingly punchy full-toned sound as long as your phase relationship between the mics is solid (tiny movements can have dramatic results, so spend some time adjusting positions) and the factors mentioned previously have been addressed! Listen carefully to what each mic is giving you and see how small changes in position affect both the soloed sound of the mic and the relationship with the other! With other mics to play with, say a C12 and either a fet 47 or R-122, I'd be delighted (and have been) to work with just two mics!

With three mics you can go for the classic Glyn Johns technique with one mic front of kick one three stick lengths above the snare and one low pointing across the floor tom three stick lengths from the centre of the snare too! If you can try this with a great kit in a great room with a great player and three U67s in great condition, you're gonna be VERY VERY happy!!! Pan the two kit mics L and R and leave the kick in the middle! Obviously thats an ideal setup so substitute away and see what happens!

The most important consideration with minimal mic techniques is to balance all the elements of the kit yourself while playing EXACTLY as you wish it to be represented on the recording!

Don't beat yerself up over mono/stereo either Dannar, theres a LOT of contemporary recordings with mono or fundamentally mono drum recordings!!!
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