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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
My real concern is that drummers resent and dislike a lot of music because there's not a live drummer on there, as if that 1) invalidates the music (a rather cynical position)
When I was a teen, I had the attitude.

Now though, if I had to make list of my all time favorite albums, there would be a few albums that had drum machines with no sign of a live drummer.
Good music is good music.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post

I'm dissecting a song right now, and I'm telling you, some of these sounds are just ridiculous. It's not even a question of how did they do that, it's how am I gonna do that?!

Like it or not, ya gotta give 'em their props.
In no way am I 100% disagreeing with you. Many tracks are done that way.

But the popularity of pre-fab drum parts available for purchase makes it quite clear a lot of tracks are not.
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