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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
That's basically what I've been saying - to judge a song on its merits as a song, and not whether it fits in a preferred genre, or if there's a live drummer on it, or how many synths or samples were involved in creating it, or if the beat was designed for dancing, or if a pop tart or boy band or rapper is at the mic.

The sanctity of genre in today's world is kind of silly. Even hip-hop can be better understood if you view sampling as a form of covering a tune. There is a sanctity for classic rock perfectionism that is even more problematic. I do remember my older friends saying the same thing about synth pop in the eighties, it was soulless. But now my younger friends who grew up listening to that, love it. there is certainly a generational aspect to this. the way jazz guys ragged ragged on rock n roll or the older guys ragged on led Zeppelin. For every generation, great music dies at a specific time in history. That time is the point at which that generation turns 18.
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