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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by boomstick View Post
But if Superstition or I Wish was played with electronic instruments, they would still be awesome... So, while it has decidedly electronic sound, it's still really good, because at the root of it, Superstition is just a way better song than I Just Called To Say I Love You.
That's basically what I've been saying - to judge a song on its merits as a song, and not whether it fits in a preferred genre, or if there's a live drummer on it, or how many synths or samples were involved in creating it, or if the beat was designed for dancing, or if a pop tart or boy band or rapper is at the mic.

People need to keep a more open mind, not stereotype, and then they can decide if they don't like a song when they hear it. You can't pre-judge. It doesn't work. I'm guessing that most of the folks here who resent pop or dance or whatever, haven't really heard enough of it to justify their position against an entire genre.

Suppose somebody said they resent your favorite genre, or band, or drummer, and you know they really don't know enough about the music or players to correctly arrive at their conclusion. For example, suppose I said "I hate jazz, what a bunch of unstructured self-indulgent self-important crap." And someone asks "Do you have any jazz albums? Have you seen live jazz at a club, or TV, or heard it on the radio? Are you familiar with any of the jazz greats?" and I say "No, I just remember hearing some boring, rambling be-bop once, no real beat to speak of, and I didn't like it. So I hate jazz."

I dare say the ensuing conversation would be more heated than this one!

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