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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
I remember being disappointed when Stevie Wonder came out with I Just Called to Say I Love You, which was all synthesizer and drum tracks. Yet compared to most of today's pop songs, it sounds pretty good.
I don't think the synth tracks and drum machine are what's wrong with that song. If it was played with more conventional instruments, I think it would still be cheesy. But if Superstition or I Wish were played with electronic instruments, they would still be awesome, imo (with the concession that nothing could top the originals). As an example, here is a remix of Superstition:

So, while it has decidedly electronic sound, it's still really good, because at the root of it, Superstition is just a way better song than I Just Called To Say I Love You.

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