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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

>>>>"If a artist today released a album where all the drums were mono, people would listen to it and go "what the hell is that!" would be called "Rap" or "Hip-Hop". A lot of the loops and samples for that stuff is mono and, personally, I'd love to sell as many records as those guys do. No one who's buying those records seems to mind that fact that the main beats for a lot of that stuff is mono.

I think everyone has a valid point here. Is stereo better than mono? It's all relative. What's important is the feel and the song. The one thing I learned about engineering is that great engineering cannot improve a poor performance nor can it make a song better - period (and I'm not talking about Pro Tools engineering). Further, "bad" engineering won't necessarily ruin a good song or performance.

Ever hear the Van Halen story about how the engineer forgot to record one of Alex's kick drum mics for one of the songs on Van Halen 1? The only person who noticed it was Alex (I feel for you, bro, on that one), I doubt any of the millions of people that bought that record went "where's the other kick drum on this song?".

Bottom line, as long as whatever you're doing is right for the song and you're performing your best, just make sure the red light is on! If you don't record it, it won't matter if it's in mono or stereo...oh, and have fun! It's all good...
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