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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
Whenever I get home from my local healthclub that insists we all hear modern pop music with drum machines and autotune pop princesses sugary lyrics, I have to remind myself that there was a time when real musicians played real instruments. They played these instruments with their own hands and used creative song formats. The extensive use of dynamics, melody and harmony. Did I mention dynamics?

Here's an example:
Feeling nostalgic . . I remember channel surfing late at night when this song came out to find it. At the time, I had no idea who Yes was, although I remember hearing the Roundabout edit single on WCBS AM back in the car with my folks. This is a snog that will do that, and there is not many of them and few today.

I hear what Bermuda is saying, and posted a link to a documentary called Copyright Criminals on the main page. It really gives a good both sides view of hip-hop and sampling and the mechanization of modern music. You can't just shut down to certain types of music because it is not your thing. On the other hand, I don't think that it is a good thing in any sense of the word that we have taken musicians out of the process of making popular music. In the days of the great studio bands, the studio musicians put a lot of affect into the interpretation and composition of the song. As a songwriter, that is one thing I have learned. In the hands of Booker T and the MG's, one of my tunes would have been a hit.

You've got me listening to Yes today. Now Angus Young has nothing on Steve Howe: 8:02
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