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Originally Posted by Fishbones View Post
I'm not getting into a political argument here. But the thing is - having a little weed on you shouldn't be an offense. It's illegal, but the effects of the drug itself have been proven to be less destructive than alcohol. If the government were to legalize weed (and impose a major tax on it), crime rates would go down, the U.S. would make TONS off the taxes, and there would be less users. Many people use pot because it's illegal - if it were legalized it would be less attractive to them. Of course there would be age limits (I would say 21 would be good) but this would be a great move for the Government IMO. It's essentially inevtable - It shold be done sooner rather than later.
i'd be willing to bet that if they made it legal and taxed the crap out of it america would pay off its debt quite quickly ... but that would make jobs for common middle class people and take jobs away from jails and court systems and other people who are higher up on the food chain.. which will not be allowed to happen
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