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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Yep Andy, your sparkling little irony-fest is worth repeating ...

ALL modern music is superb, especially everything mainstream. I love how clean & precise everything is these days. No more crappy distorted guitar or horrible glassy cymbals, & ALL the singers are so good. Modern drum sounds are so powerful too, not like those old empty boingy things I used to hear.
Yes, the formula-weavers should be the target for any crap - and the "artists" ignored. After all, the flak being given to Rebecca Black will probably make her a multi-millionaire. Go figure. Her true place should be singing in school shows.

But Project RnL as pop? Pop prog fusion?? Nowhere near as many views as RB.

Of course you're a valued member ... cymbal geek, engineering consultant and the Marcia Hines of Drummerworld Idol! (the nice, encouraging judge).
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