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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Well done, Mary and Bermuda - you guys really know your lyrics! At first I was thinking it was too easy and got about the first 9 or 10 without drama ... after that, then the wheels fell off lol

Andy, I think you have just made the transition from valued member to troll :) Larry, yes, he has the backbeat backwards haha

Seriously, Andy, you've hit the nail on the head. The slick production is all, like opening a Xmas present with fabulous ornate packaging - so exciting! - then you open the box only to find a few (heavily) used condoms inside.

Ken, it's a fair point - the reliance on swearing can somewhat close the door to deeper lyrics - opportunity costs. I like both the Ce Lo and the Joe Jackson tracks you mentioned. Ce Lo's track is more from the amygdala - like he'd lifted the dialogue straight out of an argument whereas Joe's was filtered through the prefrontal cortex :) Both are valid enough, as long as neither becomes a formula. For the record, I far preferred %^#$ you to Forget You.

GD, does modern pop lack soul more than old formulaic hits? Perhaps the extra soul in those old hits was accidental - they simply didn't have the technology at the time?

I think the intent was similar, although the bean counters' influence has increased. They've really refined the formula - gradually stripping away the artistic nuances bit by bit until not much more than the beat, the sex talk and the hook remains.

I suspect that one day it will be rebellious for teens to get into organic music. I'm not sure it's possible to be more formulaic and mechanical than the Rebecca Black track:

funky drum machine - check
hip autotune - check
catchy hook - check
hip rapping - check
hip electro-sounds - check
teen lyrics and vibe - check
cute girl - check
dancing - check.

Kids, we have a hit on our hands!

The production guys Rebecca's parents hired are just the modern day equivalent of Stock Aitken and Waterman ... even the the name aptly conjures up the idea of a team of accountants.
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