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There is no "Judging" or even realistic critique going on here. At least twice I've seen J-Lo visibly wince when a singer blew a note and then told the kid they nailed the song. Come on. Simon was tough on these kids but most of the time his criticism was dead on. If they had real judges giving real critiques of the performances most of the public wouldn't "get it". I now hear people using the term "pitchy" when they don't have a clue as to what that means. How about phrasing, nailing attacks, etc. nobody in the typical TV viewing audience knows about that or cares. They just have favorites and vote for them based on their own personal biases. Randy probably has the closest thing to credentials at judging this stuff but he won't do it. J-Lo is eye candy who loves everyone. Steven is uhmmm, not sure what he is. They should have Don Was doing the judging his short segments at least show him working with these kids on their strenghts and weaknesses. Harry Connick was a very good guest mentor on last years show. He told the truth to the kids but did it in a constructive way.
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