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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Fair point, DED, but Rebecca and her ilk represent the lowest common denominator. I don't think we can judge today's pop by that standard. I'm not fan of today's pop but that song of hers posted here was the pits. Actually, I quite like those old Bee Gees tracks so go easy on the Gibbs :) Bermuda ... of your collection, I have stuff by Faith No More, Fatboy Slim, Ella Fitzgerald, Fleetwood Mac, Four Tops, Peter Frampton, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Aretha Franklin, Free (not pop), Springsteen, Santana ... Some of the pop in my collection includes Anastacia, Macy Gray, Supertramp (love 'em), The Cure, 10CC, Bryan Ferry, Chris Isaac, Coldplay, Frente, The Go Gos, The Carpenters, Kate Bush, Nellie Furtado, Pointer Sisters, Sade, Simply Red, The Killers and Wham! Just cos I'm into King Crimson, Uncle Frank, Henry Cow, Mahavishnu, Weather Report, The Who and Led Zep doesn't disqualify me from also being crazy about good pop. All I ask is that artists write and play music from the heart and go easy on the formulas, samey-ness and machines! Hopefully all this mechanised pap will go away, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon. We'll have to wait for Gen Z's kids to rebel and p1ss off their parents with "horrible" acoustic-sounding music :)
Well, Pol, you and I have had this discussion before; but any song can be interpreted in a more artistic manner. Taking for example Casandra Wilson's version of Last Train to Clarkville. On then other side, I heard a modern rock band play a classic rock tune the other day and butcher all the phrasing and dynamics. Don't remember what it was.

Compare Ce Lo's Forget You to Joe Jackson's She Really Going Out With Him? The Real title of Forget You is F&^%You, the chorus continues . . now ain't that some sh . . There are three songs in the BB Hot 100 with the word "Fk" in the title. But Forget You, or Fk You whatever you prefer, does have an infectious hook, and you have to get the unedited version to hear that he does actually use the f word in the chorus, as well as the word sh and n&^%, " Oh, sh shes a gold digger, just thought you should know n&^%." It certainly is a lot less innocent than the Joe Jackson Tune; but lyrics like "pretty woman walking with gorillas down my street" or "staring out the window while my coffee gets cold." Pretty good stuff. It's gotta have a good lyric. One of the artist that I enjoy was up for a Grammy for best song this year. No it wasn't for Meg White, although that's a killer tune. I think it is the first time in decades I owned an album with a Best Song candidate song on it.

The big difference is that you no longer have AOR, and there are so many good songs or good bands like Porcupine Tree, that just never get heard and that is a crime.
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