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Default Having A Comfortable Rehearsal Space - Important ??

Ever since back in the beginning stages of starting out playing I remembered the old garage band days, or everyone packed into a 10x10 room, someones parents coming out and saying keep the noise down or time to stop practicing because it's getting late. I told myself that "ONE DAY" I am going to have my own killer practice space. Well that dream finally became a reality about 7-8 years ago. Having literally been raised in Washington, D.C. (home of the brains, yeah right) then moving out to the country in Western, MI., I was taken aback by all the land and space we now had. So, I built a 30x40 barn that is totally dedicated not only to my music, but pretty much music period. I have turned this barn into a rehearsal space, recording studio not only for my band but other bands who are banging on my door to use this barn. I have made this an overly comfortable spot which makes it that much more fun to come and practice. I totally believe the more comfortable you are at a practice space, the more productive your rehearsals will be. We literally have no limitations here, we can play as loud as we want and as late as we want. I also host about 2-3 musicians jams every year. I have had as many as 20 musicians out for a jam and we will play until the wee hours of the morning never having any problems with noise issues or complaints from anyone..As you will see from the pics this spot is better and has more room than some of the venues we play at, a little spoiling. I also own all the PA equipment and never have to worry about equipment, have my own bass rig, all the mic stands and mics needed, music stands, full lighting system hooked up to make practicing as real as possible when we want.

So, how important is it to you to have a comfortable practice/rehearsal spot, and does it or do you think it makes a difference in your bands productivity at rehearsal ??
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