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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

I have to think it happens with all generation gaps with music, I can still vividly remember my dad driving us to a Led Zeppelin concert one time and him asking a million times, who are you going to see, Led Zipper.. Obviously joking around but I can remember it like it was yesterday. But also like my parents did for me, some of the music they listened to when I was young actually influenced me to become a drummer, Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich big band era stuff etc...I also have two older children 22 and 19 and I have music going on around our house all the time, no matter what I am doing. Now they love the current stuff out there but they also like alot of the music I listen to. I actually took them to a Porcupine Tree concert this past summer and believe it or not my son and I hung out with John Wesley, the hired gun second guitarist/vocals for PT and Ian Bond, the front of house sound engineer for PT at a BBQ the night before the show, and we got to watch the show from the sound booth with Ian. They are both totally in love with PT, and I am taking them to the Jeff Beck/Imelda May show this April 19th. They love a ton of the music I listen to but I have a very hard time listening to their stuff, although at times they will come to me and say hey dad you gotta listen to this new CD by whoever it's great. I would never tell them that I did not like it, maybe a comment like yeah thats pretty interesting. Gotta give them there music freedom like most of our parents did for us, I will however tell my son when he is listening to some of his gangster rap stuff and they are getting overly vulger to turn it off. Everything now a days is very techno for the most part, voice over efx and to me just not music.
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