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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

You guys really have me wanting to get with my parents and asking them what they thought of the stuff I was listening to in the 80s.

But oddly enough, I have this feeling it won't be such an argument because lo and behold, the music I listened to was sort of like theirs, in that there were chord changes, notes sung, all that 'music stuff' going on. Something along the way happened after the first punk revolution, because instead of folks who couldn't play (but were trying to) being mad about it and going out and doing so, now there's this whole generation of people who, while trying to create something new, created a whole genre of music that doesn't rely on notes, or chord structure or singing....weird.

I went back and listened to Nina Hagen's first album released in the States and I remember the "shock and the noise" of it all (the one that had "White Punks on Dope" in German). Now it sounds so tame and hard to believe, there was music on it! The musicianship was pretty high when you compare it to, say, the Jonas Brothers, or Aly & AJ....

There's always these people who "produce" these semi-prodigal child performers and part of me thinks they're engaging in this sick musical joke (not unlike Frank Zappa) where they're actually really good musicians, but they know nobody cares about that, so they produce this "stuff" we all hate, but the kids love it. Takes really good musicians to do that and know who the jokes' on, eh?
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