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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
I draw the line at rap and opera - NO WAY are you getting me to subject my ears to that!
While I'm not a fan of opera, I do enjoy classic/mainstream symphonic music (Carmen, the Beethoven et al symphonies, etc.) As for rap, I guess I listen with a different ear. Again, I'm not really paying attention to lyrics... I drum along with songs rather than sing to them. But there's a lot of great production on a lot of rap tracks. People think that anyone can just slap samples on top of a 4-bar drum loop, but it's much more than that. Often, a lot more time and effort goes into making a sequenced drum part than what a live drummer would invest.

That said, I do prefer more mainstream and old-school rap (Puff Daddy, Run DMC, Arrested Development, Eminem, etc.) to the hardcore gangsta rap.

I think if more people would listen to the music before judging by genre, they'd find more to like. I certainly have my likes and dislikes, but I choose every song individually, not based on its genre.

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