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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by the_dude View Post
You are correct. Since I'm an old fart I've seen this topic for decades. Every era has music I like and music I don't. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.
Thankfully now that I have XM radio I don't need to listen to "Top 40" or whatever you want to call the stations that spoon feed the masses.
Now, you kids, get off my lawn!
LOL - there have been occassional songs that my kids listen to that I have enjoyed along with them. I try to soak in every possible genre of music from disco to hard rock to dance to blues to folk to jazz to classical. I draw the line at rap and opera - NO WAY are you getting me to subject my ears to that!

Believe it or not I enjoyed some of Britney Spears original material, but that sadly went the way of most pop music today. Same goes for Christine Aguilera. Also, I consider Madonna's music during her comeback period to be far inferior to her 80's work. Some of the pop from the 80s was dreadful, but some was original and catchy. Even my kids love to sing along with The Buggles Video Killed the Radio Star.

I also enjoy much of Michael Jackson's catalog, although again his latest stuff is not my favorite. I was never into Diva-type music, such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. But I loved the lady rockers such as Joan Jett and Pat Benatar.
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