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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

Originally Posted by joshvibert View Post
I used to play like this (right now I'm running a 4-pc) and I'm going to get another, larger kit in the future. I set it up this way because I like having my ride right in front of me over the bass drum instead of to my right side. However, I find the gap between the rack and floor toms to be a bit troublesome when trying to play certain licks. How do you overcome this?
Well, I find that gap much less uncomfortable than the awkward path my hands have to take to do a tom roll when the rack toms are mounted over the kick. With offset toms, my arms and upper body move naturally down the toms, but with toms on the kick drum I have to move my arms much further away from me to reach the second tom, and then in again for the floor tom(s).
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