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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by joeysnare View Post
i don't care if i get flamed for this. pop music is garbage , nuff said.

if you disagree then watch rebecca blacks video called "friday"
I think that It's sad that such an incredibly horrible "song" like rebecca black's "friday" can gain so much attention. I currently go to a private all guys high school and even here you cannot walk down the hall without hearing somebody singing that wretched song. Even if it is a joke because it's so bad, it makes me physically sick to see a girl with that little talent become so popular while there are plenty of struggling bands with real skill out there.

I have recently gotten into home producing after taking a music production course and it brought about a newfound respect for all the producers that actually write most of the pop songs. I just cannot accept how a person can call themselves an artist and not write any original music.
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