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Well I saw him last night and I guess our lead guitarist must of had a word. He was talking a lot about band stuff, showed us some covers of covers that really fit into out set, told me he had been practising all week and was generally pretty much what I expect from processionals. He was high spirited and gave some very productive input. Our lead guitarist even brought up that he needed to take another look at the intro of "Welcome To The Jungle" and he took it on the chin and said he would sort it for Fridays rehearsal.

I was very pleasantly surprised. Will have to see how his performance is on Friday but maybe the message has sunk in. Although if after this gig he starts reverting back to his old ways then I will have to have a talk with the band about the possibility of finding a new guitarist.

I will be keeping a close eye on him and I don't honestly think this new attitude will last but we have to keep him for the upcoming gig anyway so this will be a good time to just observe I guess.

*Sigh* I honestly thought that all the stories of guitarists on this forum were just really rare bad experiences. I never expected this from one of my best mates. Still live and learn.
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