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Originally Posted by ourlorderic View Post
What do I do?
I think you already know what you have to do mate.

Everyone else is on the same page and one solitary member feels the need to march to the beat of his own drum? You can't be a little bit pregnant mate. He either wants to be in a band and do the things that everyone else agrees upon, or he doesn't. In this case it's clear he doesn't. Why waste any more of your collective time?

"Fingers crossed" nothing......they'll be crossed forever and your friendship will go down the drain along with your patience. If you want to remain best mates with him.....ditch him....and fast.

And don't be put off working with mates due to one bad experience. The bass player I've worked most with over the years. Numerous bands together etc etc, is my best mate and we've been as thick as thieves for 25 years. We don't always work together in every band we've played in, but there have been many where we have and it's always a joy making music with him when I do. I still catch up with him regularly to this's not always bad.
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