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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

It's my belief that you should get new heads, top and bottom for your Ludwig kit, you'd be surprised at the results when they are properly tuned. I too was a pro photographer. I actually started making money in high school shooting local sports for the local newspapers and a bit later I started shooting weddings. So I began quite early making money with a camera. When getting out of school I began working for a commercial/portrait studio using medium and large format cameras using up to 11x 14" sheet film producing images of rooms of furniture down to tiny bottles of perfume. This was years ago, but I still have some 4 x 5, medium format and 35mm equipment and a fully equipped dark room. I got interested in both drums and photography at the same time and was pulled in opposite directions at a very young age.

As someone already mentioned, it would probably be in your best interest to buy a good point and shoot camera. I own a Canon Powershot G9 and take it places where I wouldn't take a more expensive SLR. An SLR can get quite weighty and bulky when taking photographs for leisure, especially when you want to add additional lenses and flash equipment. If you were making the photographs for money, that's a different story and that would be called a job.

Just the way I see it.
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