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Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Wait.......why is he still in the band?
My thoughts exactly. Pretty much because he is mine and the lead guitars best mates. We hang out all the time and we all get on great. That's why we have put up with him for so long. I did not really mind the fact that he was a bit slower than us as he's a mate and we really wanted to do the band thing with him. But after that comment about taking it all too seriously, not reading the messages and never able to take criticism from me (yet he's first to give it out) I really am at the end of my tether. He suddenly has one to many flaws for me to put up with any more.

We have a gig in a couple of weeks so I can't really do anything yet but after the gig I think I will have to have a talk with him. Thing is no matter what I say he is going to blow up and have a massive argument. I will most certainly use larryace's advice and keep my fingers crossed but realistically I think this will end in him either quitting or being fired. That's a bit of a relief really but if he leaves the band then I doubt he will ever talk to us again.

Still fingers crossed and all that.
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