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I watch and enjoy it and am actually enjoying this year's judges. I think Simon's rants were getting old and they needed a change.

This year's batch of singers are probably the best overall they've had in a while. Pia is good but I have to say she is not my favorite because I think we've seen her before. Do we really want another Celine/Whitney ballad singer?

As for Paul, I agree with most of you...what the heck is he doing there? Can't stand him. He should stick to being in a Rod Stewart cover band on weekends because I definitely can't stand to hear him sing anything else!

I'm actually a Casey and Jacob fan. Casey is really good when being himself and not trying to hard. I would love to see him play some more stand up base and I actually like Jacob because it's a nice change of pace to hear actual rock songs instead of sappy ballads or bad modern-day pop songs. He's a little annoying but for a kid with Ausberger's and Turret's he's doing okay.

And finally, will someone please get rid of Naima with her African dances and can't hold a tune voice? What is up with her?

But then again... these are all just my own sad little opinions :)
Casey gets worse every week. He better get his act together if he wants to stick around. He really isn't Idol material though. I really like the chemistry of the judges this year. Gives the show a good feeling. Jennifer has to quit talking over people, and how does she get better looking every week. :) I really like Haley, I just don't think she has found her style yet.
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