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Default Re: Guitarist rant

Ask him how important this band is on a scale of 1 to 10
If it's anything less than a 10 tell him that is a big problem, not acceptable, you need a 10.
Ask him what you should do if you want/need a 10 and he's not a 10. That puts him in control (saves face) but makes him responsible for his own issue.

If he does answer 10, say..."OK if it is really that important, then there's a problem that needs addressing. We all feel the rhythm guitar part (not him) is lacking". Ask him what are you supposed to do because the rhythm playing (not his rhythm playing) is no longer acceptable and has to improve or else the band will be in an awkward position of having to make changes. Don't lecture him at all. You can state facts, like the rhythm guitar part is weak (not that he plays it weak, it's just weak, leave the word "him" out of it) but mainly, just ask him tough questions and let him answer them. Put him very much on the spot. Let him know that you all feel very much let down musically and what is going to be done about it?
(the fact that you're a drummer, he likely feels you are lower on the totem pole, that's why he can't take any criticism from you, or he throws tantrums, so don't criticise, just make him answer for himself)

Talk in questions not statements, very important if you don't want to lose his friendship. The way you word things is imperative. Don't say "your playing is unacceptable", instead say...we all feel the rhythm guitar portion of our sound is unacceptable. He can't argue w/ your feelings, and it sounds like you are talking about an arbitrary thing, not "his" playing.

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