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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

Originally Posted by Monsieur View Post
thanks for the responses!
i liked the idea of getting a cheaper camera and spending more on a better kit... but i really want to pursue photography and a dslr would allow me easier manual control over m photos.. whatever..
the drums.
i did indeed tune m drums with a drumdial and i slaped new heads top and bottom on everything. i played with the tunings but im still not feeling it. i wonder if it would be worth it to get a new kit seeing as i dont play to go to college for percussion and i not in a band. The main reason for a new kit would be smaller sizes especially a smaller bass, and better spund.
Also on the car front. after second thought im pretty sure my parents would NEVER buy me a 10k car. ever. even if they could. so ignore that figure.
thanks for the help any more guidance would be very apprieciated:)

I've been a professional photographer for 16 years and I can tell you the landscape of the business has changed dramatically and for the professional photographer digital technology is really hurting the business and is honestly killing the industry. With the DSlr's becoming more affordable and cost of editing software like PS Elements being so affordable more and more people are doing it themselves and not calling on a professional. Just something to keep in mine. I lost my job after 16 years with the same photography studio because the business has declined so much. Also like someone else said taking an Slr on a school trip is a risky move to me.

If it's me and you are looking DSlr I'd be looking Canon or Nikon where there will always be more options for lenses as those are the big dogs in photography. That way in 5 years if you want to upgrade cameras you are pretty well guaranteed you'll be able to use all your lenses with the new camera, not sure the same would be true with sony.
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