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Default Re: Songs you used to play...

How funny Pollyana, what a great list, and yes I am an older drummer and have played most off your list. And once again how funny and true your statement is, we never get much or very little say in the set lists. However, here is a very recent and great story. Two weeks ago we played a gig, decent venue, large crowd. Anyway, I have been trying to get the band to cover an older B-52's tune "Planet Claire". The keyboard player and myself finally laid down the law and said we were going to play it. Anyway, after a few weeks rehearsing it we finally got it onto the set list. We played this song and I think everyone in this club was on the floor going nuts. Great making certain people eat some crow every now and then...So now I am being asked what other songs I might want to cover...Ha ha, we are now working on 2 of "The Tragically Hip" songs I have been wanting to play for a while.
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