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Default Re: Songs you used to play...

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Yes - Heart of the Sunrise ...... good song to play but I guess I played it too many times and lost the muse.....

I used to love playing the "Intergalactic Touring Band" album but can't find a copy anywhere nowadays for a reasonable price (I mean, $150 on Amazon, really........)
I actually posted a thread here looking for The Adventures Of The Astral Pirates and a member pointed me to Abstract Logix . This is where I also found the Zappa album I had trouble finding before. Give it a shot, they have a ton of good music they are promoting/selling, I was amazed and I am not done buying yet....Good luck and let me know how it works out for you...By the way $13.98 for Lenny White, and $15.98 for the Zappa CD (American)...$4.00 shipping....
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