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Originally Posted by singe View Post
I think their entire catalog was well known by most listeners and rock musicians at the time.
I think you'll find that most bands, both current and from days gone by, have a degree of "fluff" or "filler" or whatever you want to call it on their albums. True fans have no problem digesting these "lesser known" tracks.....I've certainly found many of them to be more enjoyable than many single releases....but for the average punter, they're aware of what they hear on the radio (or MTV) and not a hell of a lot more.

Let's pick one album....what say Abbey Road? Survey your friends.....especially the non-muso's and non-diehards. Whilst I'm sure everyone can tell you who sang Come Together or Something or She Came in through the Bathroom Window, see how familiar they are with tracks like You Never Give me Your Money or Polythene Pam or Her Majesty. Even a classic like Maxwell's Silver Hammer is unlikely to be recalled by those who have nothing more than a passing interest in anything other than the radio tunes.

And don't be too shocked if a few of them tell you that Bathroom Window is a Joe Cocker track either. :-)
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