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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

How about a used Catalina and an perfectly great though non-sparkly new camera? The Nikon D40 is great, if a little out of date- you should be able to find one used or refurbished for not too much money. If the megapixel count is too scarily low for you, you can read on that same site why that doesn't matter. It's a true DSLR and it's great for travel and it rocks.

If you've got the guts, you can get pro 35mm film rigs for next to nothing. The Nikon N90s was only used to get 90% of the images in National Geographic in the 1990's, and costs less than a hundred bucks for a used body. Black and white film is dirt cheap from Freestyle, and developing it is a fun, easy hobby, and as a kid you should be doing cool stuff like that. It's old and it's film and it's kind of heavy, but it absolutely rocks. Nikon's metering system is virtually foolproof- you won't miss the review option digital gives you. In fact, you won't waste hours of your travel time checking to see if the picture you just took is any good. Drop me a line if you go crazy and decide to go that route, and I can give you more info.

You can also go the dirt cheap artist route and get a plastic Holga for like $20, plus a brick of 120 film for another hundred and get the most incredible pictures of all. And with the money you make exhibiting and selling your Holga prints, you can buy yourself that new drumset and digital rig.
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