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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

thanks for the responses!
i liked the idea of getting a cheaper camera and spending more on a better kit... but i really want to pursue photography and a dslr would allow me easier manual control over m photos.. whatever..
the drums.
i did indeed tune m drums with a drumdial and i slaped new heads top and bottom on everything. i played with the tunings but im still not feeling it. i wonder if it would be worth it to get a new kit seeing as i dont play to go to college for percussion and i not in a band. The main reason for a new kit would be smaller sizes especially a smaller bass, and better spund.
Also on the car front. after second thought im pretty sure my parents would NEVER buy me a 10k car. ever. even if they could. so ignore that figure.
thanks for the help any more guidance would be very apprieciated:)
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