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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

My 2 Cents...

Save all your money until summer is over... Don't worry about what your buy with it just yet, make that money first!

If your parents get you a car I'm sure you will want to do something to it, be it tinting the windows or putting in a stereo. Do you have a cell phone, if not maybe at 16... ther's your camera... not the greatest but at least you've captured the moment right.

Are you social, do you have a ton of friends, do you play sports... I think these things end up directing your path and sometimes without your knowledge its happening. If you want more than anything to be the greatist drummer ever (and why not your 16) then think about commiting to it and after the summer get yourself a nice used kit... if you have many interests, make your current kit sound as good as possible, bank that money, get a car... go meet lots of girls and don't get married until after your 30 lol
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