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Default Re: Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

The sound of your accent kit can vastly be improved with proper heads and tuning;I know having done some work to my nephews kit,and was amazed in the difference in sound

I am also into photography,so I understand about a better camera an lenses.

So ,being in a band ,and giging is a critical issue here,and that could help you justify getting a new/different kit,or buying that camera.Having said 15 , the kit you have is all the kit you need.Like I said,its tuning,proper heads and THE DRUMMER,who makes the drums sound good.Steve Gadd could make Tupperware sound good.So practice as much as you can,and you will understand what I mean.

I also believe in buying your own first car,and paying for your own car insurance,although I can understand helping out with repairs,as long as thay are not the result of miss use.Just putting gas in the tank and changing the oil can get pretty expensive,so that money you make cutting grass,may not cover those things.Nothing is worse that owning a car and not having the money to put gas in it.Driving a car and getting a license to do so is a priviledge ,not an entitlement.Weigh your options carefully,and make an informed decision based on whats most important to YOU.

Steve B
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