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Default Decision Time: New Kit or Camera

This summer I will be mowing my neighbors lawn and making a decent amount of cash. Enough to buy a Gretsch Catalina Maple.. or a Sony Alpha A33 DSLR SLT camera.

The reason i'm considering a new kit is because i am currently unhappy with the quality and sound of my Ludwig accent kit. I hate it in every way possible.

I'm considering a camera because in the coming years i will be doing a lot of high school trips and family vacations where i would like to have an amazing camera.

I do have one obstacle to overcome. Should i spend or save for next year when i turn 16 and purchase my first car? I haven't discussed this with my parents. however i can tell you that m parents have the means to buy me a decent 10k car. They probably wont though.
So i was wondering save or spend?

BTW i am aware that i can get high end kits on eBay for the same cash. the kit i mentioned is only an example

I think that's it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated:)
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