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Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Thanks! It's not my main gigging snare right now, but it is one of my "go to" snares. Actually, this is my recent favourite, & right for this thread too. Totally natural finished ebony stave, kindly made for me by Dean @ Guru Drumworks. It really is a monster rimshot backbeat machine, & the ebony grain is just beautiful in the flesh. Why would you ever stain something like this! Anyhow, I've never heard of a drum made in ebony, & it probably rivals DMC's ironwood for weight too, lol!
Wow, that is one serious drum. Ironwood is denser, but this shell is much thicker and my ironwood snare is 13 by 4. This snare is a monster! The density of ebony means this drum will have more crack than a plumber's butt, but the stave construction/aligned grain means it will be more sensitive than a gay men's support group.
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