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As a teenager growing up listening to Yes and Rush and ELP I thought those drummers invented prog rock drumming and guys was I pleasurably mistaken when I heard Michael Giles. Giles co-founded King Crimson but played and toured for only their first two albums. He's been primarily a session musician in England for the past thirty some years which is why I imagine he doesn't routinely get named when one rattles off their favorite prog rock icons. I'm here to tell you all if haven't had the chance to hear this guy then by all means get "In the Court of the Crimson King" and
listen to "20th Century Schizoid Man" which I believe is on their second album. The creme-de la-creme for my money though is a solo album made in 1978 that never got released until I think 1996. The album is called "Progress" on which Giles, along with his brother on bass, play and provide vocals on all of the tracks. They engineered the album themselves which in all demonstrates the musical breadth of this hidden jewel of a drummer. To understand his influence, even Neil Peart is quoted as stating that Giles was pivotal in establishing Peart's approach to percussion. You can find "Progress" on line but it's being sold at specialty record shops for close to one hundred bones and beyond. It's worth the plunge though.
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