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Default Re: Great AM pop tunes

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

DED, "Sonny and Cher was a bit darker" lol - you're skating close to an oxymoron there. I guess I Got You, Babe could be spun as a cautionary tale about ownership within relationships ...
I Got You Babe was a hit in 65.

Their TV career was 71 to 77, with a break for their divorce in 75.

I'm just saying, while being a 4 and 5 year old, I had no idea they were breaking up on screen, I just sensed something wasn't as entertaining as the bubble headed brother-sister duo in that other show.

I am negatively inclined towards the O-Negative version
Well, if it doesn't offend someone, it's not rock-n-roll, right?

Judging by the amount of underwear allegedly thrown on stage I'd say a lot of (older) women would like Barry Manilow to bite them :)
I was going to say, as far as I know, Manilow attracts a primarily female fan base. I'm not the demographic his music is aimed at. haha.
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