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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
I mis-clicked when I was making this profile. I clicked 18 instead of 15..
Then start saving every dime you can. If your dad won't let you play drums, then you don't need a new (custom) drum kit. If you don't do drugs, then you don't have a drug habit, so your money ain't going there.
If he won't let you play the kit you have, rent it out to someone who can ... with maybe option that you get to play 'em once in a while. Get creative ... suck it up for 3 years ( I was outta my parents house and into University at 17) ... and then bam ... be gone, hit the road running. Start making plans "now" so you'll be ready and prepared for "then".
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