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Default Re: Genie Krupa

Originally Posted by Rudy McRudster
I think they're both great in different aspects. Krupa pioneered drumming and is responsible for a lot of drumming today. Hell, we might not be on this forum if it wasn't for Krupa. And he was surely a better gentleman, it's not hard to beat out Rich in that aspect.
But Buddy Rich was just a great player. He took what Krupa started and ran with it to become one of the most famous and influential drummers to ever live. I have to disagree that Rich was not musical, when I look at a lot of his solos, I see a lot of music and soul mixed in with his technique.
In my opinion, Gene Krupa created drumming as we know it today, but Buddy Rich made it enjoyable and fun. That's just my opinion.
You know Rudy, that's actually a REALLY good way to put it.
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