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Default Re: recording with 2 mics

I should go into more detail over my "mono sucks" comment.

"Back in the day" all they had was mono. So since they could not record drums in stereo, they became good at getting a good drum sound out of mono recordings. When engineers became able to do stereo drum recordings, they did so. Hardly any stuck with mono, because if those engineers could get good mono sounds, they could get even better stereo sounds. If you compare the sounds of their mono work, to their stereo, in my opinion, the stereo work sounds much cooler. Plus, the drum sounds they were going after back then were nothing like the sounds every one is going after today. Back then most of the drum sets were jazz style drum sets, so they went for the jazz sound. As heard on many Ray Charles recordings. If your recording a traditional jazz album, you could use mono, but if your recording rock or funk, you don't want mono. You want a good stereo image. Plus no one today makes recordings that sound like the recordings of the 50's or 60's. If your goal is to recreate those recordings, then you could use mono, but it would still be hard to recreate that good of quality mono recordings. Even today most Jazz recordings have drums in stereo, and all rock or funk or anyother style use stereo too. It's a common practice for a reason, it works. If a artist today released a album where all the drums were mono, people would listen to it and go "what the hell is that!"
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