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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

I just posted this for you on "the never ending thread."

Certainly seems appropriate to re-post it here:

Don't "kiss arse"....just explain. Show him your passion for the instrument. Best way to do this is to practice and improve.....not by blowing a fortune by buying new shit every 15 minutes.

I know he won't let you play at home, and I know that, that is difficult. But so what......there are ways around it. Grab a pad and a pair of sticks. Pay for some lessons and play your teachers kit there. Don't tell me you can't do that? Or find a friend with a basement and slip him some coin to practice there....even once or twice a week.

At the moment, your old man is seeing your approach to drumming much like the forum members here. We don't think you're particularly serious....and we don't even know you. What hope has a man who has known you from birth got? He's seeing a kid who 'says' he's keen, but doesn't really display much by way of showing any real desire to improve. Show him that this actually means something to you, by doing everything you can to improve.....kit or no kit, there's plenty you can work on in the meantime. Who knows.......once he sees that this is something that inspires you, as opposed to this weeks new trend, he may re-evaluate his position and relent.

Change your old man's can be done, but I reckon you'll have to change your own first. :-)

As for not being happy with clothes, hairstyles, etc etc.........welcome to life Joey. It's called "the generation gap" and guess what?? You'll do the same thing to your kids too!!

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