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Default Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

I don't get to play anymore, because my father hates drumming and punk-ish music, and thinks I'm on drugs (I'm not). I get drug tested almost 3 times a month, and I haven't even tried anything yet! He is very overprotective, which is why I'm starting to turn into a kid who goes out late at night to hang out with girls and skateboard because: "Drums are a loud obnoxious instrument no one wants to hear."
I don't want to quit, but whats the point of owning a kit if I can't play it, which I haven't for the past 2 months because of his thinking.
I have literally tried everything to kiss-ass a bit, but whenever he even catches sight of one of my drums not "Stacked" in the corner of my room he freaks out and starts this whole fight with me to where I'm *THIS* close to actually snapping and losing it. It's not just the drums that he freaks over, I initially had EVERYTHING taken away, (Computer, Phone, Money, "Offensive Clothing"[Not offensive by the way what so ever], Television, Skateboard,etc...), I had all this taken away because of my "average grades (B's and C's), but when I get the Report Card I have A's and B's, SO I have no idea why my stuff is still taken away. I asked him, and he said because I haven't turned in all of my Spanish missing assignments.
So I go to school the next day, and get a signed note from all of my teachers stating that I have completed Classwork, Homework, and my attitude in class is good. Still don't get anything back...
SO right now I have no idea what to do.....
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