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Default Re: Japan's Earthquake

Originally Posted by ecpietscheck View Post
honestly, its been a really sad and selfish approach
how can you write such thing: the availability of yamaha drums, without, before, having, the decency of at least writing: from deepest within of my heart, i feel the pain from those who lost their families.
Well because my post was about a major manufacturer from that country that employs thousands of workers who are affected by this disaster. Not to mention the fact that its one of the largest suppliers of musical instruments on the planet.

I am sure they have a solid business plan and contingencies in place for such a disruption of production, I'm just not sure how that will affect suppliers of these instruments (who also rely on sales for their own living).
I don't feel "selfish" asking about the future availability of drums because that in itself will be a barometer of just how this disaster has affected the individuals involved.

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